WebNGen - Content Management System

CMS We have developed a powerful Content Management System called the WebNGen. It provides rapid development and deployment of websites (including driving multiple websites at once) and all through an intuitive web based interface.

You can build and maintain every aspect of your site without any knowledge of HTML or other scripting languages.

Not only does it help you to build and maintain your site, but it will also give you valuable feedback on who is visiting your site, at what times of day, with which browsers and what they are looking at. All important in the continual development of your site.

CRM Screen Shot

CRM Screen Shot
Features of WebNGen
Fully browser based delivery - This enables you to update the site whenever you want, and wherever you are.
Navigation - add, remove and reorder menus all through our CMS.
Content - Build pages for your site with ease using our direct entry interface which makes designing a page as easy as writing a letter. If you know HTML, you can even add your extra flare by inserting code straight into a page.
Templates - Create templates to arrange the layout of a page. These can be added or amended with easy through our drag 'n' drop interface.
Style Editor - Change the whole look and feel of your site with our Style Editor. Preview what a style will look like before hand and then you can apply it to as many parts of the site as you wish.
Workflow - With the WebNGen's workflow model, you can add steps into article types to make sure articles get properly reviewed before anything goes 'live'.
Security - The WebNGen has a very comprehensive security model allowing you to control both the administration side of the system and the actual site as well. You can create different user experiences (style, content, navigation) all based on the user's login credentials.
TAG Stripping - Protect your site's look and feel by stripping hidden formatting tags when copying from Microsoft Word or other sources with embedded formatting.
Form Building - Create online forms or polls for users of your site to fill in, all created through a simple to use drag 'n' drop interface.
Media Library - Upload any sort of file to the WebNGen without the need for any FTP software. You can then use these files anywhere on your site.
Website Statistics - Get comprehensive statistics on your site by monitoring number of hits, times of day, browser types, referrers, what people search for on your site and what pages are more popular than others.